AngelaO-76 Rated 4.8

I was very impressed by the awesome customer service

I received from Anderson Cleaning Services right from booking to the execution of the task. The cleaning lady was very polite and paid attention to detail. The job was completed on time and to a very high standard. I will definitely use their services again and will recommend them to anyone.


RabiuM-1 Rated 4.6

Impressive Cleaning Service! What a great service they provide, Very efficient and excellent. Thank you.


DavidB-939 Rated 4.6

Household Clean. Efficient dedicated promises met by company at all times nothing extra a problem.

DerekW-264 Rated 4.6

Excellent service. On time and satisfactory work done.

ChrisS-2126 Rated 4.6
A service I would use again without looking

around at any other cleaning services. Outstanding from start to finish. Good service, polite staff.


YvonneS-208 Rated 4.6

Great service. Great cleaning service. Highly recommended.

LorelE Rated4.6
Very good.

Doris Clarke.


Overall rating       

A friendly efficient service

By Bi on 25th May 2021