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Liability Continued

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War, Terrorism, Hostilities, or Other such events outside of our Control.
Deterioration, Wear and Tear, Leakages, or from any other Unstable Goods.
Mechanical or Electrical Damages to any Appliance unless there is Evidence of External Impact
To any Jewellery, Precious Stones or Metals, Securities, Deeds, Money, Coins, or Collections of any Similar Kind, unless we have confirmed to accept

Responsibility and you have given a Description and Value of the Items, in Writing. To Pets, whether in a Cage, Tank or Carrier. Any Plant Life. Any Food or Drink. To Software, Digital Content or Data of any Computer, Laptop or Similar Devices. To Highly Breakable Fragile Items, if they have not been Removed or Secured by the Customer. If the customer has items which need special cleaning methods and special cleaning – detergents. Anderson Cleaning Services Ltd reserves the right to refuse the provision of the cleaning detergents. If clients want specialist cleaning carried out like wood floor cleaning, the client should provide the chemicals and it is at the client’s own risk if stains or damage occurs, unless it has been caused by our negligence. For items that require special cleaning Anderson Cleaning Services Ltd will advise the client to provide the specific cleaning detergents and to pass cleaning instructions to the sales advisors when placing the order or give instruction to the present cleaner at the property. The disposal of rubbish or personal belongings left in the property being cleaned at the end of a tenancy if the customer has confirmed that the property is no longer unoccupied. Any failing inventory checks or additional charges incurred by the customer if Anderson Cleaning Services Ltd is not allowed to return to the premises to rectify any omissions or if a follow-up clean has been carried out not by us without our consent. A reimbursement of any charges paid for a repair of a damaged item carried out by a third party without our prior consent.

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