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Anderson Cleaning Services Ltd prioritizes safe product and equipment usage. It isn't responsible for damages resulting from client misuse; clients are expected to adhere to instructions. The company deals with negligence-related damages within legal parameters, potentially offering compensation. Accountability, care, and open communication are essential for swift issue resolution. Maintaining trust and service standards, alongside ensuring safety, is upheld through transparency and proactive measures.



Anderson Cleaning Services Ltd isn't accountable for damages caused by uncontrollable events or deterioration. This encompasses mechanical or electrical damages to appliances, pets, or items requiring specialized cleaning, unless agreed upon in written terms. Customers are responsible for providing chemicals for specialized cleaning and bear the risk of damage unless attributable to the company's negligence. Extra fees may be incurred for inventory check failures or unauthorized follow-up cleanings. Third-party repairs necessitate consent and aren't covered by the company's reimbursement policy.

Privacy Policy
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