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Complaint And Claims

Customers must promptly report poor service to Anderson Cleaning Services Ltd. Non failure to do so voids any entitlement to refunds or compensation. 

Anderson Cleaning Services Ltd requires customer presence or representation at the start and end of each cleaning session for inspection and corrections. If an inventory check is scheduled, it must begin within 24 hours of the cleaning.


Complaints based on inventory checks filed more than 24 hours after the session or if the property has been occupied or touched up will not be accepted.

Complaints can be made verbally or in writing within 24 hours of completion. Anderson Cleaning Services Ltd aims to respond within 7 working days and maintains confidentiality of customer information.

In case of dissatisfaction reported within 24 hours, a free re-clean is offered within 48 hours, with evidence of missed spots required. If the free re-clean is not accepted within this period, the company bears no responsibility for the complaint.

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