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Booking and Confirmation

At the time the booking is made, you will need to provide us with a precise description of the property Anderson Cleaning Services Ltd  reserves the right to change or amend a quote and to charge for any additional work which then needs to be conducted.
If we are provided with incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate data or instructions, we can cancel the order, or we can make an extra charge.

Once a job is confirmed, a slot will be made available for the rendering of our service. It should be noted that the time of the job is simply an estimate based on our experience and on a basic description of the property provided by the customer. Please note that duration may vary therefore a degree of flexibility is required. We maintain no control over certain circumstances, including but not limited to factors such as bad weather, traffic, or force majeure events.

The customer agrees to provide access to hot water and electricity
The customer agrees to provide a timely and easy access to the property where the cleaning will take place.

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